Meet the Crew

Sean Vandenberg 

Sean Vandenberg is an award winning Creative Director and Producer in Music Television specialising in promotions, branding and integration

As a child Sean always had a fascination with UFOS and the paranormal, from as early as 8 years of age he would lay under the stars at night on his family trampoline and ask the heavens "when are you going to be take me home?".

Sean would often take his reluctant mother to local Ufoligist meetings where he was the only child in a room of adults discussing sightings and abductions

In 2008 after the passing of his father Eelke Vandenberg Sean began having out of body experiences on a nightly basis.

During one of these experiences he was fortunate enough to reconnect with the spirit of his father and part of the message he delivered from the other side was simple "honour and protect the land". 

Through these experiences Sean quickly realised there was more to life then just the physical world he could see around him and his spiritual awakening immediately followed. Sean turned to Google in search of answers and it was during the researching the phenomenon of Out of Body Experiences Sean first stumbled upon the work of George Kavassilas. Through his continued interest in Extra-terrestrials George’s material appeared again this time on UFO websites and Sean knew that it was no coincidence that he found George through two totally different subjects.

After attending a family funeral in Northern New South Wales Sean was drawn into a crystal shop, there he would find his soon to be mentor and life long friend Helga Love Joy. Helga a gifted psychic and shaman did not know Sean but was drawn to him as soon as he walked in the crystal shop door. She also felt the energy of the land Sean and his partner Rob were living on and recognised it to be sacred aboriginal land which she believed needed to be protected. Sean later discovered the property he bought with Rob had a deep connection with Aborigines of the past and the fresh water spring they used daily was also used for hundreds of years by the local indigenous tribes.

The biggest revelation Helga made was that Sean was going to make a documentary in the near future and that it would help raise the consciousness of the planet. Sean and Rob were both blown away by the revelations Helga made and the seed was planted for Sean to make his first Documentary.

A short time after Sean decided to make a Documentary on Mother Earth he researched many avenues with friend Sally King and again the road led back to George. Even though Sean resonated highly with most of Georges messages it was Georges connection, passion and respect for Earth that Sean admired most. So he emailed George asking if he would like to make a documentary

Sean soon heard from Jason George's manager and they met in a local pub in Sydney, they discovered instantly that they both perceived the world the same way and were able to share laughs and tears like old friends.

When Sean finally met George and Cynthia via Skype they also had an immediate rap-ore. They agreed that the documentary should take an organic approach. The filming took place around George and Cynthia Kavassilas tour through the UK and throughout the Flinders rangers region of South Australia. In the end the underlying theme of Our Journey Home was left up to the universe but coincidently the core message of the movie is about protecting and honouring the land a similar message Sean's father delivered from spirit.

Sally King

As long as I can remember I’ve always had a love for fairies and angels and have believed that we are not alone in the universe.

My first profound ‘spiritual’ experience took place in the sacred fields of Glastonbury Festival in the UK when I was 21. I remember feeling overwhelmed by this presence of love in the world and how we are all connected in some way and always have been throughout the ages. 

Without even knowing it next on my path was the world of Meditation at an ashram in India. I picked up a book in Goa on becoming enlightened and I knew then that was a goal i would love to achieve. Coincidentally the book happened to be written by the guru who’s ashram I was just about to visit. My step sister was living there in India so I phoned her from Goa & proclaimed my new found passion for enlightenment and she said “that’s what we have here lots of different meditations for you to explore why don’t you come to Pune” so I left the party city of India and jumped on a train to Pune where I lived for 3 months exploring ‘enlightenment’. After meditating non-stop for 3 months the lesson returned to me about love and how that was all we needed. 

Fast forward 8 years into my my ‘journey’ and I met Sean Vandenberg at a music television job in Sydney. I remember him telling me about the out of body experiences he was having and I could relate as I had had one myself in Brighton UK. We instantly struck up a friendship and became close friends. After meeting Helga a healer on Sean’s property and during a healing she told me I would be doing a documentary on the Australian Indigenous. Having been told I’ve spent many lifetimes as a Indigenous person this revelation from Helga bought tears to my eyes like I knew that this was what I needed to be doing in life. Sean and I brainstormed the foundations of the Indigenous ways and really wanted to explore their connection to the land & Mother Earth. 
Sean introduced me to George Kavassilas and asked if I’d like to help him out . I really loved George’s energy and the way he was connected to the universe & his Alien stories were cool too! Midway through filming George invited us to Adelaide and to the Flinders Rangers so I instantly thought we need to film the native Indigenous tribe that are from there. This lead me to discovering the Adnyamathanha people and to Iga Warta. After connecting with elder Terence Coulthard I knew we were on the right path as he had been waiting for someone like us to film there. Coincidentally George had once before spent time with this community. The profound connection that we all felt there and that we had to the energy and land was like no other. I cried when Terence said to me over the phone ‘there’s no place like home’ and to finally go there and meditate on the mountain at Iga Warta was like I really had came home to not only this spot in the world but within myself as well.... Mother Earth had finally called me home.

Cinzia Mahy

Cinzia is the narrator of Our Journey Home - The Movie

Since making the break from Perth WA, this Young Lady’s career has gone from strength to strength.

She has just wrapped her role as Lorraine in the Sydney and Melbourne productions of Jersey Boys, and has toured Australia with two productions of GREASE – The Musical playing the role of Donna Sue Miller and understudying Frenchy and Jan. Cinzia has been the lead vocalist onboard P&O’s Pacific Sky, where she wrote and performed her own Cabaret, and as a dancer, she has worked with some of Australia’s best Choreographers.

As a voiceover artist Cinzia is highly sought after for her naturally cool and vibe-y reads. She’s a great promo voice as well, and has been heard regularly on MAX, Lifestyle You, Nickelodeon or even your Optus mobile.

Cinzia and Director Sean Vandenberg discovered they had a common interest in spirituality whilst Cinzia was voicing promos for Music Max on Australian Subscription Television, As soon as the connection was made Sean knew she was the girl to voice the documentary.

Simeon Bartholomew

Simeon has had a strong experience within Australia's live music scene, being a core part of some very influential heavy-rock bands early in his career. After attending a life-changing gig, Simeon quickly diverted his path and forfeited the mainstream road of music in turn for something different, and something rewarding. 

With a true passion for alternative music and a constant drive to push his audience, Simeon's musical career has led to the formation of SEIMS (, an instrumental math-rock based band; and also being a large contributor to the alternative sextet heavyweights known as GODSWOUNDS ( - featuring five-part vocals, a 

brass section, and two simultaneous drummers (now featuring Danny Heifetz, formerly of Mike Patton's Mr. Bungle). Simeon also plays bass in the ground-breaking experimental movement known as Violence In Action, and also accompanies electro artist Nick Pes ( on bass.

This same drive would also awaken his passion for scoring for the screen. In the early-2000s, Simeon would contribute original music to the local cult-hit award-winning television series In Wollongong Tonight, and would go on to continue to score / write various pieces for television commercials and short films, including the soundtrack to the award-winning short film Resurrection (2012), the award-winning score for Channel [V]'s brand image spot For the Love of Music (2012), and scored the full-length original documentary Our Journey Home (2012). 

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When DEYA DOVA steps on stage the atmosphere shifts and tilts on end. Life erupts as this luminous high energy dance happening explodes. Fusing an exotic mix of Dance, World, Electro and spine tingling vocals, the sound of DEYA DOVA is undeniably Tribal. Think the primal power of the Drummers of Burundi meet the refined sonics of Trentemoller, mashed with a twist of Bjork and the radical vocal layering of someone totally, refreshingly, unique

Hailing from the Nullarbor desert in SouthOz and growing up alongside the traditional Mirning people of whale dreaming country, DEYA’s take on music is wide screen. Her cross genre appeal has seen her play festival stages including; Peats Ridge Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival (Vic), Maya Festival (Melbourne), QLD Multi Cultural Festival (Brisbane), Sydney Food & Wine Fair, Tribal Sessions (SEQld), , Southern Oracle Festival (SEQld), Unity Festival, Exodus Festival, Sense of Wonder (Japan), Printemps De Bourges (France) and LaBaite (Switzerland).

Deya's stunning vocals used in Our Journey home are predominately taken from her Jasmani Garden Album
The Documentary's credits also feature the track Kyio for her album Burst. Director of OJH also collaborated with Deya and directed her first music video called Bad Day in 2010. 

Deya is due to release her much anticipated new Album very soon.

Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke are writers, producers, directors, and designers. Where There’s Smoke creates entertainment, brand & advertising content for multi-channels. They conceive, plan, write, direct & produce our projects. A strong background in branding, broadcast design, film and digital environments is met with extensive agency & big brand experience.

WTS joined the Our Journey Home project with open arms and lots of dedication, delivering all the graphic elements, the titles, credits, the cover art and helped tighten the overall edit. 

Where there's smoke also designed the cover art for george kavassilas's book Our Universal Journey 
WTS are focused on developing inspirational content with-in the areas of youth, pop culture and lifestyle audiences. However, our experience extends far beyond these niches. They work from a beach side studio on Sydney's northern beaches and provide our clients with intimate and relaxed environments for idea development.